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About Me (By MicroRed) :
I'm super fun and adorable and probably the best cuddle buddy you could find. I'm really friendly and nice but I won't take your shit if you piss me off. I'm a sexy motherfucker but I'm terrified of scary video games cuz they make me cry like little babby.

Birthday present from the golfers. Cart decoration! 😘😍🎉🎈

Gorgeous #sunset from the other night 😍☀️

Beautiful double rainbow from yesterday. Amazing 😍🌈🌈



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Sounds like the plot for a Dreamworks movie

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Being that girl because I just fell in love 😍😍😍😍 #mynewbae (at Angelos II)


We need to work on that poker face.


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Went white water rafting today. :] 🚤🚣

Wow, my job is better than yours



Buy me cute underwear and oversized hoodies and let me fall asleep in your lap

What makes this for me is the url.

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imagine if people screamed instead of snored

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A beautiful day in peace valley